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this is deja vu news live from berlin the prime minister of ethiopia wins a nobel peace prize meant to test and recognize for his initiative and resulting the border conflict with networking eritrean the 2 countries restore of the lation zone in july last year after many years of hostility. toso coming up as turkish forces advancer to syria for a 3rd day the us ambassador to the un warns turkey it could face consequences if it
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does nothing to protect civilians thousands of people are fleeing the violence there from our correspondent on the turkey syria for her. to meet the people of alice say never again german prosecutors announced that the suspect in wednesday's gun attack could fast she is also admitted to having a right to a extremist and anti-semitic motives. i'm sumi so misconducts good to have you with us if the opium prime minister that has been awarded the nobel peace prize for 2019 for his work to resolve the border conflict with neighboring eritrea ahmed was up against around $300.00 nominees he was praised for his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation since being elected prime minister and early 2018 the. no weekend nobel committee made
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the announcement in austin and earlier this week nobel prizes in the fields of medicine physics chemistry and literature were also awarded level and for more on this story we have a lot of hope with us in studio hi tammy thanks for joining us and this wasn't exactly a surprise we should say that obvious method was really one of the favorites ahead of this amount but tell us what made his work to end the conflict with eritrea so important well this is a man who came in with so much charisma if european eritrea have this war between them in 19022000 even though the war ended they had this stalemate between them what they called no war no peace where the 2 countries basically had barely any relations and this is considering both countries are sister countries but their borders were closed and there was this tension between them and it is the man who reached out from ethiopia across the border went into eritrea unprecedented and opened up and said you know let's talk and that's how they got this peace deal
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signed between them and after that so borders reopened families that had been torn apart i'm talking literal 1st families you know siblings and cousins got reunited just after this month's move but apart from that look in eritrea a country that's been seen or described as the african north korea because of how closed off it is abby is the one who reached across and tried to bridge this divide something that many thought was impossible you see there the map of what we're talking about the border region there between eritrea and ethiopia as he said that's what he was being honored for that important work we should also say beyond ethiopia he was recognized for his work in helping to broker a power sharing deal in sudan yes. in the in the year when sudan's president omar al bashir was toppled following mass protests and following the intervention of the military there was a still made between the military and the civilian opposition a civil suit. and many of the opposition groups abbie is the man who also stepped
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forward as the rest of the world was right with dragging their feet he stepped forward went to sudan and tried to broker these talks as much as the african union was the kind of umbrella body that was said to have broken the talks if it was actually the one that took the 1st step and took the prominent step in trying to bring these these 2 sides together so in terms of not just his own local politics but also in regional is a man who has been leading the way let's talk more about the local politics because of the nobel committee also honored for really opening his own country politically tell us more about that yes so before i became into office if you will be rather had have this problem with for examples freedom of speech was a problem even just political repression and he opened up the space released thousands ordered the release of thousands of political prisoners opened up the space to civil society to talk with the government called also released journalists
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who have been in prison for a long time called them political exiles as well to come back to the country and talk and this is something that if europe is not seen for a while he also you know in appointing his cabinet as about half of his cabinet women including he's got there's a woman president as well as the chief justice so these are some of the changes that if you opiah the shock to the system really really important changes as you're saying there has been a reaction from the office of the prime minister they tweeted out a statement that we can pull up here saying this victory and recognition is a collective win for ethiopians and a call to strengthen our resolve in making ethiopia the new horizon of hope a prosperous nation for all that being said to me there's a lot of work still to be done ahead of elections so yes this is as much as he has made these major strides the still a long way to go if you appear as a country that from won't. we've seen even with his reforms there has been
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resistance to his reforms we've seen an increase for example in protests ethnic tensions being exposed they have been there but now are being exposed to some of the old god who are used to the the status quo are now resisting some of the changes is brought about the supposed to be a sense us this is so supposed to be elections coming up as well as a referendum and some of these measures have been delayed because of security issues so there is a lot for abby to work on despite the achievements has had so far is tom joining us here in studio thank you for your analysis now more than 70000 people have been displaced by turkey's offensive in northern syria according to the u.n. world food program the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. has warned turkey it could face consequences if it does nothing to protect civilians she didn't say what those consequences might be but international calls for turkey to moderate its action the region are growing thousands of residents
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fled on thursday as turkey pounded kurdish militia positions for a 2nd day. plumes of smoke disappear into the docketing sky but a burning reminder of the conflict remains not brings no reprieve as turkey continues its offensive c. turkey's pushing into northeast syria territory held by its enemy the kurdish led syrian democratic forces hundreds of bombs have already fallen as turkey attempts to carve out a buffer zone to house refugees. the death count has begun this family lost a young boy one of several dozen reported killed on the syrian side of the border. explosions too on the turkish side as bombs fly north in retaliation. so far the number of victims remains in the dozens. at the
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united nations european states and lining up against tankers actions we knew would still exist in the north east will further undermine the stability of the whole region exacerbate civilian suffering and provoke further displacements which will further increase the number of refugees and i.d.p.'s in syria and in the region turkish president red chip type of on send his own warning. what we need to pay european union. pull yourself together. i say it again if you try to label this operation an invasion. it's very simple we will open the gates and send 3600000 refugees your way. good alton your move to juice is there you are noted i. heard yvonne has allies in syria these are the fighters from the free syrian army
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and anti kurdish militia being sent in to claim captured territory. but turkey is in the driver's seat. and let's go to detroit news correspondent yulia han she is in the turkish town of khaled close to the syrian border hi yulia what's been happening where you are. well turkish warplanes and artillery have continued to hit the area right behind me today as they're trying to push deeper into northeast syria now we're about 5 kilometers away from the border on the turkish side and we heard the turkish artillery pounding targets inside syria we also saw helicopters hovering above us now the ticks military says they have taken a few villages very close to the border and they're now surrounding and circling the biggest cities that are and tel aviv and while they're saying they're making progress kaddish militants kurdish fighters have said that they were so far able to
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repel these attacks now this is the 3rd day of this operation and there have been civilian casualties on both sides of the border at least 7 people were killed inside syria civilians and at least 6 people here on the turkish side of the border because yesterday kurdish militants have been firing rockets and mortars into turkish border towns including. where i am right now so this is why journalists had to move further away from the border for security reasons and the turkish government has also reported that one turkish soldier was killed the 1st soldier killed since the operation started on wednesday yulia tens of thousands of civilians now fleeing the fighting there where are they going and what will happen to them. well people are abandoning their homes they're taking their belongings they're trying to move away by food or by call their crew
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trying to go into the countryside headed to wards other cities like the rocca or they're all sewers according to the u.n. tens of thousands of people have been displaced in the past days now you have to know that these are people who have already escaped the brutal regime of the so-called islamic state and now they're on the move again trying to seek safety without really knowing where safety is aid organizations say that about halt the 1000000 people are at risk in the syrian border areas right behind me over there. all right our correspondent reporting from the turkish syrian border for us thank you very much. not some other stories making news around the world a court in south africa has ruled that former president jacob zuma will stand trial for corruption his application to hold the case was rejected zuma who we see here in the file footage is alleged to have taken bribes during his time as an economy
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minister in the 1990 s. he denies the charges the a used chief breaks that negotiation negotiator says he had a constructive meeting with his british counterpart in brussels michel barnier told reporters the patient writes it is like climbing a mountain the 2 sides need to reach a deal to avoid the u.k. crashing out of the e.u.'s the end of october. in ecuador thousands of indigenous people have gathered for more protests in the capital quito it is the 7th day of nationwide demonstrations that are frequently involved clashes with riot police the president has evacuated his administration from the capital the unrest was originally inspired by cuts to fuel subsidies and other austerity measures. here in germany prosecutors say the man suspected of carrying out an attack on a synagogue in the city of hama has admitted that he did it he also said he had a right wing extremist and anti-semitic motive the synagogue attack took place on wednesday the holiest day in the jewish calendar young kapoor it failed but the
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gunman killed 2 people in the street. a city in mourning for the victims germany's president frank vultures are among those showing solidarity outside the synagogue where signs of the attack are still imprinted on the door. but to the tune i'm still trying to process the total but i just can't understand what time through this a 40 year old woman was the 1st to fall victim by chance as she passed by the synagogue minutes later the attacker killed a 20 year old man at a nearby kabob shop. the accused attacker was carrying for weapons and for. kilograms of explosive material. during the night police raided the apartment where the 27 year old lived with his mother. former neighbors from a previous address remember him. or an aloha no even hostile spy without
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ever smiling you couldn't say hello. or how can i sit with those asleep as he was kind of a loner you know germany's interior minister horsey who 1st visited the crime scene authorities have defended lack of police protection not the synagogue saying there had been no warning. as a whole for delivered a clear message. he says will tell if you just wrote a crime carried out yesterday is a shame on our whole country would be with our history of such things must never happen in germany. he's pledged to improve the protection of jewish sites and deploying more personnel in the fight against right wing extremism their regional interior minister says some politicians carry blame. using those who used the language of the nazis might not be legally responsible for what
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occurred it was you but they laid the path and lit the fire the guy stood blanched after hundreds joined in a march of mourning through hala to the synagogue laying flowers and candles signs of their rejection of terrorism and those who spread hate. for u.s. president donald trump has held his 1st rally since democrats started impeachment proceedings over his dealings with ukraine he lashed out at democrats saying they were trying to destroy democracy he called their investigation a partisan witch hunt to w.'s aleksandr phenomena reports from the divided streets of minneapolis. these you as voters wanted so make clear that donald trump is not welcome in minneapolis and should be removed from office is she's just not fit for to be president of this country he is flagrantly abusing his powers and he needs to be stopped while these voters waited 4 hours in the rain to watch trump take the
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stage in the target center weena unshaken in their support for him despite the impeachment inquiry i think it's all made up by think it's fake news and i think it's just another way to try to get him out of office i have faith that it's going to work out for trump to graduate going to be another black eye for the democrats that just keep doing nothing to try to get him out as the impeachment inquiry gets more and more support among the general public the president die hard supporters react with anger and defiance donald trump's reelection campaign wants to use this event here in minneapolis to rally his base around him the president however seems more and more concealed by the impeachment proceedings. at a combative campaign rally and angry donald trump lashed out against the democrats accusing them of trying to overturn the 26000 election because they know they
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cannot be team in 2020 they want to or raise sure votes like it never existed they want to erase your voice and they want to a race your future. the president fired off insults and still no listen lawmakers using profanity to attack his political opponents in particular form a vice president joe biden he was only a good vice president because he understood how to change barack obama's. under fire from his own party for pulling u.s. troops out of the. aldon syria some defended his decision we were supposed to be in syria for 30 days we've now been there for 10 years we were supposed to be in afghanistan for a short period of time we're now going to be there for close to 19 years it's time
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to bring them home. he speech was interrupted by some protesters who however were quickly removed from the arena i am an agenda as the president told the crowds and his supporters think him with applause and see a full chance. outside the arena the end protests carried on late into the nights. right right right. right where you have some of breaking news coming in to us now a shopping center in the northern english city of manchester has been evacuated after reports of stabbings there the ambulance service says paramedics are treating 4 people 4 stab wounds we don't have any more details on that story at the moment but we will bring that to you as soon as they come in to us living up to some other news now in athletics of the fallout from the ban on nike coach of back to salazar for doping violations continues to shake the sports world nike's world famous
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oregon project a powerhouse for training runners is closing down in the wake of salazar's 4 year ban nike's organ project has been home to some of the world's greatest athletes for nearly 2 decades british 4 time gold medalist mo farrar is likely the most famous of the bunch proud trained in oregon from 2011 to 2017 the most successful period of his career. but the oregon project is shutting its doors following the doping scandal engulfing head coach alberto salazar he received a 4 year ban from the u.s. anti-doping agency for orchestrating and facilitating prohibited doping earlier this month though salazar has appealed the been in been publicly backed by the company nike c.e.o. mark parker cited the distracting situation as a reason for shutting down the project in an internal memo successful
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runners at this month's world athletics competition in like german bronze medalists constanza close to how often or netherlands gold winner sits on his son are just 2 of many nike sponsored athletes who will now need to find new coaches in training facilities salazar's case has cast a shadow on results by oregon project affiliated runners international olympic committee president thomas buck has called for an investigation into athletes who trained with salazar. quote there are any results olympic results faked it or directly or indirectly with regard to also the principle of. crick your beauty the u.s. anti-doping agency made it clear the athletes were unaware of the doping which is a major factor in determining suspensions in our opinion the evidence showed they were manipulated certainly many of them thought that into having to go receive
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medical training treatment from a doctor with salazar appealing his ban in the i.o.c. continuing investigations the only thing definite about the situation is that organ project athletes will need to find a new place to train. for environmental campaigners the forests of bone and west africa are a weapon in the fight against climate change but the local people living on the fringes of the country's national parks rely on the forest for their livelihoods and has now adopted a un backed plan to prevent deforestation and develop more sustainable forestry. these stories are part of the green lungs of the world rain forests cover around 80 percent of governments to retreat and this is one of the protected zones. for once before war once a place is classified and you don't explore the world. when you don't clear the
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forest to plant you don't hunt. you don't cut wood anywhere you want to you don't sell land you do the opposite. that boehner has a long tradition of protecting the forests the outcome the national park is one of 13 in the country. these areas form part of the congo basin which is considered one of the most important forested areas in the world 2nd to d.m.'s that when button's yells curt's of the park villages can't end this 10 why the government gets money for not developing these jungle areas. so. it's true that the forest is there but our pride is also to be able to live in a safe environment. that means having a plot of land and a house to protect your family. who are a little disappointed because they say that it's the parks it's the forests that
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must be protected. but we're villagers where we're going to grow our food the forest is the reason we have. full luggers the forest is green gold they want to cut down and sell the rare tropical hardwoods but the logging industry produces a lion's share of companies carbon dioxide emissions the government's once the forestry companies to adopt better practices to help the country meet its emission reduction targets. in hong kong hundreds of pro-democracy protesters have been out on the streets today marching through the business district ahead of what's expected to be another weekend after more oil the months of demonstrations have dominated every aspect of life in the city they have also become a source of. inspiration for artists take a look. this protest is not force it seems seen from another perspective these
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lifelike figures are actually 20 times smaller than their human counterparts the handiwork of an artist known only as c. or i making these toys will capture people in different forms during the protest. we have demonstrators of different ages on the tour and you can see that they were different when we're trying to capture their way of dressing. the city check. the seas work has been given urgency by the often violent protests taking place in hong kong a participant himself he's used what he's witnessed to finally detail his models and their scenes from the iconic black t. shirts to barricades and roadblocks it's taken c nearly 2 months to bring his vision to life. that i see the young people on the frontlines commish stepping up for their future and i think how did hong kong get
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like this. from the bottom of my heart i feel sad but at the same time. i hope it will be over soon so. you know. she says it's not about creating change with his art instead he simply wants to document what is a crucial moment in hong kong's history. this is g.w. news these are our top stories the ethiopian prime minister i'll be on that has been awarded this year's nobel peace prize for his work to resolve the border conflict with neighboring eritrea the norwegian nobel committee praised him for his efforts to achieve international cooperation since being elected prime minister early last year. as turkish forces advance it to syria for a 3rd day the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. has warned turkey it could face consequences if it does nothing to protect civilians the u.n. was not able to reach
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a unified stance on the turkish offensive thousands of people have been fleeing the violence. as the people of hala in germany say never again prosecutors have announced that the suspect in wednesday's gun attack on a synagogue has confessed to the attack he's also admitted to having a right wing extremist and anti-semitic motive. president trump has held his 1st rally since the impeachment investigation began over his dealings with ukraine in minneapolis he lashed out at democrats saying they were trying to destroy democracy. this is d.w. news for more head to our website w dot com and follow us on twitter at g.w. news. and don't forget you can always get news on the go download our out from google player from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the to send us your photos and your videos.
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coming up next our talk show to the point our guests will be discussing the consequences of turkey's offensive in syria thank you for watching to stay tuned. to.
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talk shows. clear positions from international perspective turkey's president richard time there on his long time difference of against kurdish forces in northern syria so one hour and wants to go a little further destabilize the region find out to the point.
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don't move your suit. to get a good. match or. discover who. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. turkey's president reds have tie a bad one has launched along the threatened offensive against kurdish forces in northern syria so why now and what's the goal i'm good won't impact will the push out on the region as a whole while president out of one says the turkish air and ground offensive aims to prevent what he calls a terror of colorado meanwhile u.s. troops have been withdrawing from the air.


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